Some Quotes from the panels and posters.

The man who knows how to split the atom, but has no love in his heart, becomes a monster.

The world is you;  You are the problem; the problem is not separate from you; the world is a projection of yourself. The world cannot be transformed until you are

Man has divided the Earth as yours and mine. Why?

Nobody can put you psychologically in prison. You are already there.

Why is man born like this? Why has he become, after many many millennia, what he is now - suffering, anxious, lonely, dispairing? With disease, death, and always the gods somewhere about.

It is becoming more and more evident that it is not the environment that matters, not the starvation, not the poverty, not the injustice, not all the things that exist around us; what is becoming more and more evident is that human beings are themselves becoming the terror of this world. Human beings themselves are destroying each other, human beings are dividing themselves into tribes, into nationalities, into classes, into every kind of destructive, divisive process

Ideologies have not helped man: on the contrary the Communist ideologies, the ideologies of the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Christians, they are dividing man, destroying man. 

Why are human beings , experience and sorrow, why are they still carrying on the same pattern? What is wrong? What has happened to man's brain and heart after these millions of years?

There is obviously no end to misery in the world as long as the mind does not understand itself

Infantile things are becoming tremendously important.

You buy happiness as you would a garment. All the things that are gained, purchased, soon loose their significance, and mind and heart are again in the pursuit of another reward.

Belief is merely a self protective covering for the mind

The true beginning of understanding is awareness

There is no love of the earth, there is only usage of the earth, If one really loved the earth, there would be frugality in using the things of the Earth

Earth is there to be loved, to be cared for, not to be divided as yours and mine.

By thinking that this chaos, this disaster that is constantly arising can somehow be brought to order by mass action, the individual becomes irresponsible

Man's politics have become a refined gangsterism of power, deceit, group against group

If you are not in communion with anything, you are a dead human being. You have to be in communion with the river, with the birds, with the trees, with the extraordinary light of the evening....... with your neighbour, with your wife, with your children ….

The distance within your self is far greater than the distance between the stars.

Thought by its very nature and structure is fragmentary, and conflict and war are between the various fragments, the nationalities, the races, the religions, ideologies.

Human beings have suffered endlessly, through war, through physical disease, through wrong relationship with each other.

Can that end?

If you have a ready-made conclusion or hypothesis, it means that you have not understood life.