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The Exhibition itself, continued

Although often referred to as “An Exhibition”, the material is more than that – it is a Study Display, which is intended for relaxed reading and deep pondering. It can offer an ideal starting point for group discussions, dialogues, presentations and joint exploration around a topic of interest. 

It is also meaningful to individuals who wish to explore the themes for personal reflection and study.

It is an excellent educational resource, and ‘Worksheets’ based on the themes can be arranged. They are intended to assist a deeper connect with the insights offered by Krishnamurti.

The Exhibition is as relevant to those who are well-versed with the work of J Krishnamurti as to those who are unfamiliar with it, as the material explores a subject that confronts us all:

Our World In Crisis

The Exhibition is a non-commercial, non-profit project


The Exhibition draws from two sources:

1)  24 large panels (120x60cm)
    These comprise 2 introductory panels, 2 biographical panels on Krishnamurti life's and legacy, and 20 theme panels which are composite. They attempt to illustrate in simple every-day terms, the nature and expressions of the crisis facing the world, and explore its origin.  ( For a complete list of topics, click here ). 
But at any given display, there will usually be a fewer number of panels available, which can be chosen to illustrate a theme,

2)  A number of smaller posters
  These are being developed continually, and can be chosen to emphasise a particular theme, or tailored to a particular audience. They consist of a single image, or a small collection, accompanied by a single short quotation from the work of Krishnamurti.