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The topics of the large panels

There are 24 of the larger panels - four introductory ones, including two biographical panels on Krishnamurti life's and legacy, and 20 theme panels that attempt to illustrate in simple every-day terms, the nature and expressions of the crisis facing the world. 

Introductory Titles

  1. J Krishnamurti And A World In Crisis

  2. The Crisis Is In You

  3. The Seer Who Walked Alone

  4. The Sacred Treasure

Theme Titles

  1. War: A Spectacular Bloody Projection Of Ourselves

  2. Is God An Invention?

  3. We Are Brought Up To Be Violent

  4. The Cleansing Of Relationship

  5. Division Breeds Conflict: That's A Law

  6. Why Do You Believe?

  7. We Have Made Religion A Circus

  8. You Are Second-Hand Human Beings

  9. The Vast Human Suffering

  10. You Can't Argue With Death

  11. An Unequal World

  12. The Entertainment Trap

  13. On Love – And What You Call Love

  14. Talking Of Freedom

  15. The Earth Was Breathless In Her Splendour

  16. Krishnamurti – To The Young

  17. And The Beauty Of The Earth Is Forgotten

  18. You've Never Looked At Your Fears, Have You

  19. So-Called Education – A Major Factor of Degeneration

  20. The Illusion Of Progress

"Technical knowledge, however necessary, will in no way resolve our inner, psychological pressures and conflict; and it is because we have acquired technical knowledge without understanding the total process of life that technology has become a means of destroying ourselves. The man who knows how to split the atom but has no love in his heart becomes a monster."

( from the 21st panel:

"The Illusion of Progress" )