List of titles of the 36 posters in the exhibition "What Is The Future Of Mankind - And Of You

1. Man has divided the Earth

2. Each one of wants to live in security

3. What is the future of man?

4. What is one to do?

5. With the achievement of great success

6. You are second hand human beings

7. To be free of all authority

8. Nobody can put you

9. You know when you are very young

10. All propaganda is false

11. Without freedom man withers away

12. Have you ever noticed?

13. I wonder if you have known (love)

14. One cannot begin to alter

15. You have nothing but images

16. You exist because

17. Would you send your children

18. Are you afraid of public opinion (fear)

19. Gradually the real flame

20. if you do not feel now

21. Why cannot man live?

22. That is where a revolution must take place

23. Then what would happen

24. To discover by searching

25. Belief is not reality

26. See the causes of war

27. You who are the coming generation

28. You must question everything

29. Be free, live happily, joyously

30. When you loose your relationship

31. There's no essential difference

32. Transform society is one of

33. What are you being educated for

34. So few of us are capable of love

35. We loose this feeling

36. You have only one head