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introduction continued

Human history, it seems, has never before witnessed a crisis of the complexity, magnitude, and catastrophic sweep that is being experienced today by mankind and the planet we live on. Its impact is visible in every sphere of our life and is marked by an erosion of values, the collapse of faiths, traditions and ideologies, the breakdown of relationships, and the savage destruction of the earth. 

What is more, the rapid and intricate networking of the world's societies has ensured that the crisis is brought to every doorstep -yours and mine - without choice, without option.

Nearly a century ago, J Krishnamurti saw all this coming. Witness to the dramatic events of the 20th century and endowed with a capacity for acute observation and profound insight, he gave clear expression to the causes that brought on, and continue to fuel, the global crisis. 

The exhibition 'J Krishnamurti & A World In Crisis' has been created to share Krishnamurti's incisive insights on the nature of this crisis. It is an interactive display of passages from his works spanning six decades, juxtaposed with photo-journalistic material from across the world that captures frankly the confusion, the chaos, that is our everyday world, and provokes us to confront the crisis within.