"We are facing a tremendous crisis which the politicians can never solve. Nor can the scientists understand or solve the crisis, nor yet the business world, the world of money. The turning point is not in politics, in religion, in the scientific world; it is in our consciousness."                  

A different approach to

A World in Crisis

An exhibition of photo-journalistic material

with commentary by J Krishnamurti

The Crises in:
Environment   Society   Politics   Education   Economy   Religion  Values   

but primarily in human consciousness - yours and mine


 Next exhibition planned for 1st/2nd June 2019 at  MoveSpace gallery, 473 Dominion Road, Auckland
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Small exhibitions have been shown at the local libraries in Hamilton, NZ     details

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An event at Waikato University, Oct 2015  details

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A new exhibition, especially for the young   details

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A Discussion group in Hamilton, NZ is meeting regularly ..... read more

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Exhibition in Hamilton, NZ

November 21-23  2014   details

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21 September 2014

exhibition in Bangkok


Human history, it seems, has never before witnessed a crisis of the complexity, magnitude, and catastrophic sweep that is being experienced today by mankind and the planet we live on. Its impact is visible in every sphere of our life and is marked by an erosion of values, the collapse of faiths, traditions and ideologies, the breakdown of relationships, and the savage destruction of the earth . . . read more . .

A themed exhibition of your choice can be arranged at your institution/organisation (free of charge)

The Exhibition itself

Although often referred to as “An Exhibition”, the material is more than that – it is a Study Display, which is intended for relaxed reading and deep pondering. It offers an ideal starting point for group discussions, dialogues, presentations and joint exploration around a topic of interest . . .

A New Exhibition

A new exhibition is being created, especially for young people.
What Is The Future For Mankind - And For You?