Krishnamurti on the Intentions of Retreat Centres

From early in Krishnamurti's life, schools for the young were a part of his concern. After establishing a number of these in different parts of the world, he began to speak of the need to create a place for adults. It was to be a place of stillness and peace, a source where, undisturbed and away from the distractions of everyday life, those interested in his teachings could study and reflect in depth on the relevance of the teachings to their lives.

In 1982 Krishnamurti began to describe such a place more specifically. He spoke of a place of quiet, a building which should be beautiful but simple, comfortable but austere, where the record of all his teachings would be available for study by people who would bring their own seriousness, interest and enquiry. It was not to be a place for interpretation, where someone would lead others or where studying would be organised or directed by another.

As Krishnamurti said:

"The teachings themselves are the expression of that truth which serious people must find for themselves".

Krishnamurti's Intentions for a Centre: A Conversation

Staff Member: Sir, I wanted to ask you about the proposed Centre { at Brockwood Park in England } and what it means to study the teachings.

Krishnamurti: If I went to the Centre, first of all I would want to be quiet, not bring problems there; not my household problems, business preoccupations, and so on. And also I think I would want what K says to be entirely part of my life, not just that I have studied K and I repeat what he says. Rather, in the very studying of it I am really absorbing it; not bits of it here and there, not only just what suits me.             read more . . . .